Reconciliation Starts with You!

A 3 hour workshop that provides non-Indigenous people an opportunity to learn more about the impacts of colonization and residential schools within the context of white privilege and systemic racism.

Through watching videos from Indigenous knowledge keepers, self-reflection, conversations with others and more, participants will leave with a greater understanding of what reconciliation means and the steps they can take to own their part of the process.

Reconciliation is not just about a day or a week in September, but it is an ongoing process. We can work together to make changes in our society everyday.

If you would like to bring this valuable workshop into your business, agency or organization, contact me today.

Cost is $450, plus travel expenses if outside of Lethbridge. 


Reconciliation Starts with You! started as an initiative with Reconciliation Lethbridge and the City of Lethbridge provided funding for it to be offered during Truth & Reconciliation Week.


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Media coverage:

September 30, 2022 Lethbridge News Now

October 1, 2022 Lethbridge Herald

October 27, 2022 Lethbridge Herald

October 27, 2022 Global News


Cindy Rendall presentation

Participants were asked "What is one thing you are committed to doing on your reconciliation journey?"

A few of their answers:

  • Being more aware of my own white privilege and listening to the truths of Indigenous peoples trauma and how I can help change the future.
  • Listen & be aware.
  • To be more empathetic in the provision of care to the Indigenous community.
  • Calling people out, making myself & others uncomfortable with the status quo by challenging implicit and explicit biases.
  • Speak up for injustice and continue to be an ally.
  • Be curious.

So many great answers it was hard to choose a few.

What People Say

Excellent resources, thought provoking discussions.

Workshop participant

For a person who is new at learning about Reconciliation, this was a very easy workshop to begin the process. It has started a process of questioning and inquiry without causing me to feel like I must feel overwhelming guilt or become a radical activist. I want to learn more about what I can understand and how I can grow.

Workshop Participant

It was a good presentation about the truth of residential schools, Indigenous trauma and white privilege, racism. We need to face and understand the truth to change.

Workshop Participant

Helped me to recognize my part in reconciliation. I feel more inclined to do my research and participate after today.

Workshop Participant

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