Why untethered heart?

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Untethered heart represents my own personal transformational journey. I have always been interested in personal growth, spirituality and striving to live my best life, no wonder I love my career!! I have a long list of books I love and that have changed my life, but one of my all-time favorites is The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. This book has provided comfort, wisdom and a map that pointed towards healing and freedom…to untether my heart. We all have things that hold us back, such as limiting beliefs, trauma, unhealthy relationships, negative patterns and so on. We also can make new choices, shift our perspectives and learn new strategies. Michael Singer’s books, talks and podcasts have inspired me and inform my life and my counselling practice.

I could see my path towards healing meant letting go of old stories and limiting beliefs, many stemming from childhood. It was within my power to create a life of meaning and transformation. Self-compassion was key, as I reminded myself this is a process not a magic fix. It is all part of my journey to untether my heart from what holds me back.

To me an untethered heart is one that is grounded in love and free to experience the world in a genuine and authentic way. An untethered heart is not perfect, but is aware, open and learning.

As I considered names for my counselling practice, Untethered Heart Counselling kept coming back to me. It reflects my own personal journey and what I hope to offer to clients. It is easy to feel stuck in our circumstances, our relationships and our own minds, but we can also discover more freedom and more joy.

Some highlights from The Untethered Soul:

  • The idea of a “neurotic roommate” in my head, just made so much sense to me. We hear this constant narrative running in our mind and we think that is me. What if we are the listener and not the speaker? What if we can quiet that voice? What if we can change those limiting beliefs?
  • Most of our problems and suffering is a result of our own mind.
  • Freedom and happiness are choices we can always make.It’s not always easy, but it is possible.
  • We can live our life in harmony through acceptance, compassion and awareness.
  • This is an ongoing process for all of us and requires kindness and self-compassion.


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